ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame SOUTHERN STAR  2008
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Home Town:   Christchurch
Vocalist:   Dixon McIvor
Lead Guitarist:   Brian Thomas
Rhythm Guitarist:   Larry McKay
Saxophonist:   Bob Wilcock
Bass Player:   Derek Withers
Drummer:   Tony Mason
Residencies:   The Laredo Nitespot, The Pride of Place
Tours:   Pohara Beach Motor Camp
Recordings:   Come Tomorrow b/w The Cruel Sea and several as backing group for "The Southerners"
Residencies:   The Laredo Nitespot, The Pride of Place
Shows:   Des Britten Coca Cola Show


The Vigilantes ...

The Vigilantes started out as many young bands did in the late 1950's, by playing at Church dances, including guest spots at the Spencer Street Dance, one of the largest teenage dances in Christchurch in 1958/59.  From there they moved onto residencies, firstly as support band to "Johnny Campbell and The Detours" at the "Laredo Nitespot" and then on to "The Pride of Place".  The reincarnation of the group for the Spencer Street Revival concerts featured a line-up of (as shown) Murray Wood (Keyboards), Trevor Wright (Bass), Wayne Allen (Drums), Dixon McIvor (Vocals), Larry McKay (Rhythm Guitar), and Brian Thomas (Lead Guitar).

The Vigilantes
The Vigilantes in concert in The Christchurch Cathedral featuring vocalist Dixon McIvor (September 2006)