Nominations for membership to the ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame may be made by any member of the public, and should be based on the criteria shown on the nomination criteria page. Nominations for the following year's Award Ceremony close annually on 30 November, but may be held for consideration in subsequent years. Supporting information is welcomed - Posters, Programmes etc., and may be posted to ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame, PO Box 18-805, Christchurch, New Zealand.
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INTERNATIONAL STAR: Achieved International Recognition, performed internationally before large audiences, had international hits, been part of international shows, appeared on TV and maintained a large devoted following.
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NEW ZEALAND STAR: Achieved wide New Zealand recognition, and at the pinnacle of their career(s) performed nationally, appeared on national TV and had New Zealand hit records.
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SOUTHERN STAR: Achieved a large South Island following, performing regularly over a long period of time to a wide and varied audience, many touring regularly in New Zealand but particularly the South Island.
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SERVICES TO THE NEW ZEALAND ROCK INDUSTRY: Achieved recognition for their unique contribution to the well being of the New Zealand Rock Music Industry, and in some cases particular sections of that industry.
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MERIT AWARD: Achieved recognition as musical artist(s), and having a long and varied career(s) on the New Zealand music scene, many providing backing for the major entertainers of the day.
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ROCK ERA CONTEMPORARY: Those artists who contributed to the fullness of the musical landscape of the day.
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Confirmation of Criteria (Check if relevant) Artist has received Top Billing on TV and/or major venues
Artist has had at least 20 years in the music business as a performer
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