ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame SOUTHERN STAR  2009
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Birthplace:   Christchurch 1962 (as "The Torments")
Lead Vocalist(s):   Judith Turtill, Johnny Campbell, Peter Talbot, Paul Talbot
Lead Guitarist:   Johnny Campbell
Rhythm Guitarist(s):   Garry Mullholland, Paul Sargison, Brian Bligh
Larry McKay, Paul Talbot
Saxophonist:   Jim Phillips
Bass Player(s):   Michael Robinson, Trevor Wright
Drummer(s):   Bob Barrett, John Clinton, Graham Hanham
Residencies:   Surf City, The Laredo Nitespot, The Mecca Nitespot
Tours:   North Island, 1964
Recordings:   Murphy The Surfie/April In Portugal, My Girl/I Just Can't Go To Sleep
Residencies:   Surf City, The Laredo Nitespot, The Mecca Nitespot
Shows:   Opened for The Rolling Stones/Roy Orbison Christchurch 1965


Johnny Campbell and The Detours ...

Johnny Campbell and The Detours epitomised the young Rock 'n' Roll bands of the early 1960s.  They played the church dance circuit and grew to take over Max Merritt's parents' Christchurch Youth Club Sunday afternoon gig when Max Merritt and The Meteors moved to Auckland.  They experimented with their early "Robbins" recordings and developed a distinctive sound which made their "Surf City" gig one of the most popular, and distinctively different, of the era.  They later moved into town to take up residence at the Laredo Nitespot on Christchurch's Cambridge Terrace, where they inherited the top slot from Dave Miller and The Playboys (later to morph into, Dave Miller and The Byrds).  The high-point of the band's career was opening the Rolling Stones/Roy Orbison show in Christchurch in February of 1965.  After a short reformation with Peter and Paul Talbot on board - and a residency at The Mecca Nitespot, the group finally broke up in 1966.

Johnny Campbell and The Detours      Johnny Campbell and The Detours
Johnny Campbell and The Detours Reunited with Friends  —  Tuesday May 12th, 2009 (Cashmere Club, Christchurch)