into the ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame
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  The following criteria for membership of the ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame, give guidance to the Selection Board.  Exceptions to the selection criteria may be made with good cause.  All Board decisions are final.

The candidate/nominee must have achieved several of the criteria listed below to be
afforded membership to The Hall of Fame under one of following Award categories.
  ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame
International Star Awards
New Zealand Star Awards
Southern Star Awards
Merit Awards
Industry Service Awards
Special Awards

ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame  
Recipients of particular awards may be considered for higher awards on the presentation of relevant proof of career highlights which enhance their career portfolio  —  such consideration shall be at the exclusive discretion of The ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame Board.

  Recipients must have been born in, or resided in New Zealand for the larger part of their life, and have
conformed to one or more of the following criteria .....

a  –   Have had substantial involvement in the music industry with wide recognition of achievements by peers
             (Time in the field is not of significance in itself.  Preferences may be given for era achievement, seniority and/or long-term recognition)
b  –   Have achieved wide name recognition internationally, nationally or locally as appropriate to a particular category
c  –   Toured nationally or internationally and performed at recognised Live Venues, Convention Centres, Theatres, Concert Halls, Stadia, Auditoria, Hotels, Restaurants/Cafés and the like
d  –   Performed (or had compositions performed) on recorded Media, at Live Venues, on Television, in Movies etc.
             (Concessions/exceptions may be made for those performing in the earlier days of audio/visual recording)
e  –   Written music which has achieved lasting public recognition or acclaim
f  –   Contributed significantly to the advancement of Rock Music in New Zealand
g  –   Provided substantial managerial, technical, or entrepreneurial support for performers or performances of Rock music

Groups (and Ensembles):  –   Where entities are nominated, the above criteria will be adhered to with appropriate adjustments as decided by the Board.  Any resultant award will be in the name of the entity and not be subservient to any individual(s) within the entity.  Exceptions may result where individual(s) name(s) is/are intrinsic to the name of the entity.  Further, when an entity receives an award, individual members of the entiry will be named, and will become Members of The ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame in their own right under the appropriate category.